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Multiplication Wrist Wrap – $7.99

Inspire students to learn one of the most important skills in math, multiplication facts! These brand new learning tools are designed just like the multiplication board used to help memorize math facts. Students put them on and get excited to practice a multiplication quiz. Great for teachers in a class or parents at home. In …

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How to Become a Teacher for Non-English Speaking Kids

Find useful tips how to get primary English tuition via Preply.com. Learn more about the work of an online educational platform and pros you will get. Online Primary English Tuition is a Chance to Contribute to Somebody’s Future Hearing a phrase “It is all Greek to me” you feel puzzled as the first thought you …

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How to Become a Math Teacher: Career and Salary

How to Become a Math Teacher: Career and Salary Information   When planning where you will work in the future, a career in teaching is one that has the potential to become extremely rewarding. If you enjoy math and want to help young people gain important skills they will need in their daily lives, then …

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K-12 Writing Samples

Elementary Writing Samples – Great for teachers and students. Sample of opinion, narrative, and informative/explanatory essays.

Eureka Math Tips and Newsletter for Parents – Every Module (K-8)

Eureka Math (Engage NY) Tips and Newsletter for Parents Every Module  Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eight Grade

Read Alouds: Chapter and Picture Books – Harry Potter, Charlotte’s Web & more

Best Chapter Books to Read Aloud –  Read aloud recommendations. Top Twenty Read Alouds – Read aloud recommendations. Under the Rainbow Children’s Books – Hundreds of children’s audio books.  Picture books and tons of chapter book read alouds like Charlotte’s Web, several Goosebumps, Little House on the Prairie Book Series, Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone, and  more. Charlotte’s …

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Read Alouds: Roald Dahl Books (Some Include Text PDF)

Roald Dahl Book Lesson Plans –  Lessons organized by book. Roald Dahl Book Teaching Activities – Several activities organized by book. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl – Click for Full Book on PDF Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl The BFG by Roald Dahl Part 1 – Click for Full Book on …

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Read Alouds: Children Online Audio Books

LibriVox – Over a thousand online audio children’s books.  These are classics that are past their copyrights and come from the Project Gutenberg.  Recordings are Public Domain in the USA.  Read by volunteers.  Some titles include:  Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures of Pinocchio, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Rumpelstiltskin, Robinson Crusoe, Black Beauty, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and more.

Read Alouds: Kids Picture Book Videos

Storytime Station – Hundreds of picture books read aloud, page-by-page.  Excellent for whole class on the smartboard or for individual students alone on a computer .  The videos are hand-picked by teachers and parents, and are presented in a fun and creative way.  View the examples below or click the link to see hundreds more. Green …

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Math Application Word Problems (Grades 1-5)

Engage NY / Eureka Math Grade 1-5) Application Problems. Print one packet per student. Students cut off the daily application problem and then glue it into their math journals.  Or they can be used as classwide problems on the smartboard. First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade

Online Leveled Informational Text Reading and Adaptive Math Problems

Front Row Ed – Free for teachers with an option for schools and districts to purchase for more bells and whistles, but what you get to do for free is really good. Math: Sign up your class and they take a pretest to find their level and they will begin a tailored, computerized, grade-level math …

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In honor of back-to-school season, Inkjet Willy has scoured the Internet for the best free printables for our fearless educators. With school budgets tight and resources even tighter, teachers often reach into their own pockets to ensure their students get the best experience.

To help offset the personal cost to educators, check out these 12 websites featuring free printables for teachers.

Teacher Printables
From award certificates to writing paper to research packs, Teacher Printables is one of the best online resources for free printables. Each category contains additional options for customized learning and seasonal fun!

Busy Teachers Cafe
You can easily find printouts for every subject in your classroom at Busy Teachers Cafe. Categories include reading, writing, language arts, math and even Spanish.

MES English
Games, flashcards and worksheet templates are just some of the printables you can find at MES English. The materials are targeted at preschoolers and K-6 classrooms and also include resources for ESL students.

Laura Candler
With 30 years teaching experience for grades 4, 5 and 6, Laura Candler knows a thing or two about what teachers need in the classroom. In addition to her published works, you can find free printables for literacy, math, science, health and more on the File Cabinet section of her website.

ABC Teach
Check out the “Explore Our Free Materials” section of the homepage for a comprehensive inventory of printables for all grade levels. ABC Teach even has printable resources for parents and homeschoolers.

With a brand name nearly synonymous with reading, Scholastic is wise to get in on the free-printables game. Though their selection doesn’t nearly match that of other resources included in this list, you can find 100 different templates for personal use.

Created specifically for Pre-K teachers, Prekinders offers a great selection of free printables for math, music, science, literacy and more. You can also download such classroom management printables as checklists, assessment forms and class rules posters.

You can find over 9,000 free printables, worksheets and worksheet makers from Teach-nology. If their free inventory just isn’t enough, you can sign up for their gold membership site and peruse over 50,000 templates.

Teacher Files
Monthly calendars? Check. Seasonally-themed bordered stationery? Check. Math worksheets and activities? Check, but we think your students will be less enthused by that last one. Teacher Files has a solid selection of free printables including worksheets for back-to-school activities.

Super Teacher Worksheets
A printables site with a superhero at it’s helm? Now that’s something we can get behind. Super Teacher Worksheets offers a plethora of printables for several subjects including math, phonics, reading and writing. However, not all worksheets are complimentary so look for the bright yellow “free” tag within the lists.

Teachers Pay Teachers
With a tagline like “an open marketplace for educators,” teachers know they’ve found the jackpot in TeachersPayTeachers. Though not all materials on the site are free, complimentary downloads include everything from math charts to reading responses to teaching manners.

Making Learning Fun
Targeted at early childhood education teachers, Making Learning Fun offers free resources for pre-kindergarten through first grade students. Enjoy calendars, scissor practice pages, coloring pages by theme and holiday and much more.

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