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Essay: A high percentage advertisements are aimed at children. what are effect of television advertisement on children? How we control this problem?

Nowadays, there is bombard of advertisements on satelite channels, which sucessfully manipulate their target audience views and opinions. In this regards, some people believe that Television advertisements are influence to children for unhealthy diet and societal values in wrong way. I am agree with this notion, this essay will be analysed this items by give examples and give the methods to tackle this problem.

Firstly, it is axiomatic that advertisements encourage the kids for wrong dietary choices. For instance, big brands such as KFC, Mcdonald's often represent their food product as athletic diet. However, there are abundance of evidence proved that young food are recipes of obesity, diabetes and eventually cancer. In addition to it, in one advertisement protester are marching against the police and they stopped their protest when police give them Coca Cola. Some people pointed that these kind of television commercials effect on children societal value and also spoiled the image of police officers. For these reasons, advertisements encourage unbalance diet and wrong moral value among the kids.

While, there are some solutions to control this problem. For example, school should add the curriculum component related to disadvantages of advertisement and teaches to children how they control the effect of advertisements and also learn take benefit from the advertisement by comparing to products. More than that parent have great influence on their kids and they can direct impact on their children, For instance, when children watch television, they join them and enjoy with them and when unappropriate advertisement appear, they will change the channels. As above shows, schools and parents can play vital role to handle this problem.

In conclusion, as above has shown, these items has made concrete foundation that advertisement greatly influence the unhealthy dietary choices and moral value, i feel schools and parents can control this impact on children.

Hey, i am afraid, can i get 6 band for above essay.

Meet the Bombyx Mori in its caterpillar, larva or “worm” state — silkworm to be specific (though it’s not a worm at all).

There’s an entire series of videos online showing the Bombyx Mori’s life cycle from egg to larva (small and larger) to pupa to its emergence as an adult moth:

But the thing that makes this insect stand out is the silkworm’s creation of a unique cocoon made from its saliva: a one mile long single strand of silk. 

After they have molted four times (i.e., in the fifth instar phase), their bodies become slightly yellow and the skin become tighter. The larvae will then enter the pupa phase of their life cycle and enclose themselves in a cocoon made up of raw silk produced by the salivary glands. The cocoon provides a vital layer of protection during the vulnerable, almost motionless pupal state. 

The moth that emerges from the cocoon is furry, white, doesn’t fly, but of course, starts the cycle all over again.

Thanks, Annie.

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