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Meredith Bremer Sociology 2001 May 2, 2014 Bonus Paper Assignment “The Blind Side” is an excellent movie that gives examples of social experiences and topics that have been covered in our class. This movie is based on a true story and is about the Tuohy family who takes in a homeless teenager, Michael Oher. Michael’s mother was a drug addict and he has faced many struggles in his life. He is given the opportunity to get an education and also given the opportunity to play football. The Tuohy’s hire Michael a tutor and he eventually qualifies to be able to play football and receive a scholarship for a college school. Michael Oher was eventually chosen as the first round pick to the Baltimore Ravens in the 2009 NFL draft. This is a story of overcoming difficulties with things that can be explained through sociology and concepts we have learned over the course of this semester. One example of a topic we have covered in class that applies to this movie is stratification. Stratification is the belief that societies have different levels of wealth, power,

1 English 102 Dr. Ramesh The Blind Side: Analyzing the plot of the movie and explaining its positive and negative aspects The Blind Side is a 2009 American semi-biographical sports drama film . It is written and directed by John Lee Hancock , and based on the 2006 book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis . The storyline features Michael Oher , an offensive lineman who plays for the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL . The film follows Oher from his impoverished upbringing, through his years at Wingate Christian School in the suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee , his adoption by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy , and on to his position as one of the most highly coveted prospects in college football . The film itself received an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. The film stars Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher, Tim McGraw as Sean Tuohy, and Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy. Although this film paints a beautiful picture of a great family who stepped in to make a difference, there were a lot of criticisms to their kind-heartedness. For most of his childhood, 17-year-old Michael Oher has been in foster care with different families throughout Memphis, Tennessee . Every time he is placed in a new home, he runs away. His friend's father, whose couch Mike had been sleeping on, asks Burt Cotton, the

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