Modern Chemistry Homework 6 10 Answers

Modern Chemistry Chapter 6 Homework Answers

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Modern Chemistry Chapter 5 Homework 5-6 Answers

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Modern chemistry chapter 6 homework 6-11 answers

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Modern Chemistry Chapter 6

Chemical Bonding, Covalent & Molecular Compounds, Ionic Bonding & ionic Compounds, Metallic Bonding, and Molecular Geometry
a mutual electrical attraction between the nuclei and the valence electrons of different atoms that binds the atoms together
chemical bonding that results from the electrical attraction between large numbers of cations (metals) and anions (nonmetals)
chemical bonding that results from the sharing of electron pairs between 2 atoms
The difference in ___________ is a general guide for determining bonding type
electonegativity difference of 0-0.3
type of bond resulting from electronegativity difference of 0.31-1.7
type of bond resulting from electronegativity difference of 0.71-3.3
a covalent bond in which the bonding electrons are shared equally by the bonded atoms, resulting in a balanced distribution of electrical charge.
covalent bond in which the bonded atoms have an unequal attraction for the shared electrons
uneven distribution of charge
a measure of an atom's ability to attract electrons
a neutral group of atoms that are held together by covalent bonds
chemical compound whose simplest units are molecules
indicates the relative numbers of atoms of each kind in a chemical compound by using atomic symbols and numerical subscripts
indicates the types and numbers of atoms combined in a single molecule of a molecular compound
a molecule containing only 2 atoms
distance between 2 bonded atoms at their minimum potential energy
energy required to break a COVALENT bond and form neutral isolated atoms
chemical compounds tend to form so that each atom, by gaining, losing or sharing electrons, has eight electrons in its highest occupied energy level
formulas in which atomic symbols represent nuclei and inner shell electrons, dot pairs or dashes between two atomic symbols represent electron pairs in covalent bonds, and dots adjacent to only 1 atomic symbol represent unshared electrons
represented by an arrow in a Lewis structure
the bonding in molecules or ions that cannot be correctly represented by a single Lewis structure; When a double bond can attach to every atom in a Lewis structure, this displays ________.
positive and negative ions (cations and anions) that are combined so that the numbers of positive and negative charges are equal
simplest collection of atoms from which an IONIC COMPOUND formula can be established
the shape of an ionic compound
energy released when one mole of an ionic crystalline compound is formed from gaseous ions
a charged group of covalent bonded atoms
ionic compounds are only conductive when in the _______ state
electrons are free to go from atom to atom because of ___________; The reason why metals are malleable and ductile
chemical bonding resulting from the attraction between metal atoms and the surrounding sea of electrons.
the ability of a substance to be hammered or beaten into thin sheets.
the ability of a substance to be drawn, pulled, or extruded through a small opening to produce a wire.
amount of heat required to vaporize the metal (measures the strength of bonds holding metal together)
Valence-Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory
VSEPR Theory (give what the abbreviation stands for)
repulsion between the sets of valence-level electrons surrounding an atom causes the sets to be oriented as far apart as possible
Give the shape of ONCl or H2O
If the VSEPR Lewis structure is symmetrical, it is ___________
the force of attraction between molecules
forces of attraction between polar molecules
created by equal but opposite charges that are separated by a short distance
the intermolecular forces in which a hydrogen atom that is bonded to a highly electronegative atom is attracted to an unshared pair of electrons of an electron negative atom in a nearby molecule
the intermolecular attractions resulting from the constant motion of electrons and the creation of instantaneous dipoles; forces act between all atoms AND molecules; forces are NOT present in intramolecular forces; increases with atomic mass or molar mass.
an electron-configuration notation in which only the valence electrons of an atom of a particular element are shown, indicated by dots placed around the element's symbol.
a formula that indicates the kind, number, arrangement, and bonds but not the unshared electron pairs of the atoms in a molecule.
a covalent bond produced by the sharing of one pair of electrons between two atoms.
the mixing of two or more atomic orbitals of similar energies on the same atom to produce new orbitals of equal energies.
orbitals of equal energy produced by the combination of two or more orbitals on the same atom.
made of 1 single bond; lower energy bond than pi bonds; end to end overlap of p-orbitals
a higher energy overlapping bond (example p-orbitals overlapping side to side)
a double bond is made up of 1 sigma and 1 pi bond; a triple bond is made of 1 sigma and 2 pi bonds

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