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The UBC Theses and Dissertations collection promotes open and comprehensive access to a significant body of unique knowledge created by graduate students to support further research and for private study. The authors retain copyright ownership and moral rights to their theses. The content of theses may not be re-purposed or exploited for commercial gain without the explicit permission of the authors.

UBC graduate students began submitting their theses online via cIRcle, UBC’s digital repository, in fall 2007, a practice that both simplified the submission process and also ensured the availability of this research to a global audience in a timely manner. As of March 2012, UBC Library has digitized and made openly accessible the full-text of more than 32,000 theses submitted by graduate students between 1919 and 2007. In addition to providing information about specific fields of study these theses also reveal important information about changes in pedagogy at the University and within academic disciplines. Authors concerned about having their pre-2007 theses included as part of this collection can notify to have their thesis removed. Similarly, if copyrighted material appears in a thesis the copyright owner can request that material be removed.

Academic Commons is Columbia University's digital repository where faculty, students, and staff of Columbia and its affiliate institutions can deposit the results of their scholarly work and research. Content in Academic Commons is freely available to the public.

    New in Academic Commons:

  • Diagnosis of Zika Virus Infection by Peptide Array and Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay

    Mishra, Nischay
    Caciula, Adrian et al.

  • Respiratory syncytial virus prolifically infects N2a neuronal cells, leading to TLR4 and nucleolin protein modulations and RSV F protein co-localization with TLR4 and nucleolin

    Yuan, Xiaoling
    Hu, Tao et al.

  • Systematic prediction of DNA shape changes due to CpG methylation explains epigenetic effects on protein–DNA binding

    Rao, Satyanarayan
    Chiu, Tsu-Pei et al.

  • Local constructions of gender-based violence amongst IDPs in northern Uganda: analysis of archival data collected using a gender- and age-segmented participatory ranking methodology

    Ager, Alastair Kenneth
    Bancroft, Carolyn et al.

  • Cost-effectiveness of tiotropium versus omalizumab for uncontrolled allergic asthma in US

    Zafari, Zafar
    Sadatsafavi, Mohsen et al.

  • Association of thrombocytosis with COPD morbidity: the SPIROMICS and COPDGene cohorts

    Fawzy, Ashraf
    Putcha, Nirupama et al.

  • Case report: mechanisms of HIV elite control in two African women

    Moosa, Yumna
    Tanko, Ramla F. et al.

  • Inferior Olivary nucleus degeneration does not lessen tremor in essential tremor

    Louis, Elan D.
    Diaz, Daniel T. et al.

  • Balancing autonomy and beneficence at the time of psychiatric discharge

    Jain, Abhishek
    Appelbaum, Paul S.

  • A survey of the knowledge, attitudes and practices on Zika virus in New York City

    Samuel, Gregory
    DiBartolo-Cordovano, Rianna et al.

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