Cover Letter For Quality Control Manager

Quality Manager Cover Letter

Quality Managers make sure that products and services delivered by a company meet requirements and customer expectations. Tasks depend on the type of product and the nature of the employer, but usually include: developing quality procedures, determining customer requirements, ensuring legal compliance, adhering to health and safety standards, finding ways to reduce costs, providing feedback to production staff, identifying products which deviate from quality standards, updating records, and reporting to executives.

Based on our collection of cover letter samples for Quality Managers, essential job requirements include:

  • Quality manager experience
  • Knowledge of quality control procedures
  • Detail orientation and observational skills
  • Good math skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Computer competences
  • Effective communication

Those interested in a Quality Manager career can check comparable skills and experience in the cover letter example displayed below.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Quality Manager Resume Samples.

Dear Mr. Stubbs:

As a seasoned and skilled quality control supervisor with experience in directing technician teams through quality assurance and inspection processes to ensure functional and safe product delivery, I can make a substantial impact on your company’s success as your next Quality Manager.

My background lies in overseeing testing, modification, inspection, and repair projects, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and company requirements while consistently completing projects on or ahead of schedule. Having refined and targeted my skills in inspection oversight, safety training and maintenance, and quality control operations, I stand prepared to substantially benefit your team in this role.

My qualifications include the following:

  • Extensive experience in managing maintenance operations and quality control directives in the automotive industry; delivering a 30% reduction in process fall-out at Ford Motor Co. by implementing a documented employee quality-training program.
  • Running tests, analyzing products, organizing schedules, delegating tasks, documenting defects, and returning / repairing defective items while coordinating all phases of order management and production to ensure standards were consistently met.
  • Developing and maintaining the QS-9000 Level II Quality System; serving as a key member of Kaizen Team Activities to streamline processes and improve efficiency.
  • Effectively developing, supervising, and training quality technician teams while motivating staff to provide outstanding dependability and the highest-quality products and service.
  • Demonstrating first-rate organizational, project management, and interpersonal abilities throughout my career accomplishments.

With my dedication to overseeing a productive, efficient, and reliable quality control team, combined with my self-motivation and communication skills, I would be an excellent addition to your team. I look forward to discussing the position with you further.

Thank you for your consideration.


George C. Dulz

Quality Manager Cover Letter

Appending a quality manager cover letter to your resume will surely help your job search. In a cover letter, you should cover your credentials that are important in boosting your career. Generally a professional template is used in writing a cover letter which is as given below. This format is similar to any business letter. You can add a personal touch to your cover letter by including some of your necessary personal details in your letter.

Job Description for Quality Manager

Any manufacturing company, be it an electronic product manufacturers, software products manufacturers, edible products, etc., has a quality assurance team to look after the quality of the products being manufactured. The size of the team may differ depending upon the size of the organization but there is a person, a quality manager who leads this team. A quality manager also called as QA manager or quality assurance manager guides the quality assurance team in checking various attributes of the product to measure the quality of the products. This quality assurance team has to report the collected reports and quality issues to the quality manager, which he discusses with the manufacturing team and suggest appropriate solutions for the same.

Format of Quality Manager Cover Letter

(Include your details here)
Telephone number:
Online Correspondence:

Date: MM/DD/YY (Current Date)

(Include employer's details)

Subject: (Mention the post for which you are applying)

Reference: (Mention from where you came to know regarding the position)

Salutation (Dear Mr./Mrs.______),

First Paragraph: As this is the first paragraph of your letter, you should express your interest in the position for which you are applying. Even if you have included the position and reference details separately, you should also mention them in this initial paragraph. Keep it short and impressive.

Second Paragraph: You can use this paragraph to highlight on the content you included in your resume; the skills and qualifications that you have included in your resume. Give a brief of points which you think will help you in forcing the employer to consider your resume.

Last Paragraph: In the concluding paragraph you have to thank the employer for his consideration. You can also show your interest in meeting him and discussing the details of the position with him.

Closing (Sincerely yours, regards or yours faithfully)

Your Name/Your Signature

Attachments/Enclosures: (Use bulleted points or numbers if more than one attachments)

Sample Quality Manager Cover Letter

Timothy Robinson
56 Sapindales Street
Maple Cottage
El Paso
Texas � 26380
Phone Number: 236-368-3729

Thomas Miller
Human Resource Manager
WinAzure Software Developers Inc.
El Paso
Texas � 26377

Subject: Application for quality manager position


Dear Mr. Thomas,

I am sending you my application for the position of Quality Manager in your organization in reference to the job requirement posted on your companies' website, dated August 20, 2011. I have read the requirements for the position and it gives me delight to inform you that, I am a perfect match for this position in your company.

I have experience of working as a quality analyst for 3 years. My excellent leadership qualities and ability to use standard methods in checking the quality of products will be helpful for the team. I believe in taking challenges and implementing unconventional methods when necessary. I have excellent counseling and management skills that can be helpful for the new joinees. The resume I have enclosed with this letter is to give you a detailed account of my abilities and qualifications.

Hope to meet you soon to discuss the details of the position. Thank you for showing your interest and reading my letter.

Sincerely yours,
Timothy Robinson

Hard copy of resume

Hope the quality manager cover letter will help you in drafting an impressive cover letter and interest the employer.

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