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1. Start with a quick brain-storm about the topic.

2. Pick 3-4 items from your brain-storm to write about. Make sure they support your topic.

3. Outline your essay. Make sure your thesis is clear in the intro paragraph and that the 3-4 body paragraphs each have their own topic that relates to the thesis statement.

4. Draft your essay.

5. Look your essay over and make any adjustments that may be necessary, such as adding details, removing unnecessary details, moving things around, etc. No paragraph should be less than 4 sentences. Really long paragraphs should be avoided as well. If you have a really long paragraph, chances are that you have covered more than one topic or point within that paragraph and should probably split it up.

6. Proofread your essay for word choice, spelling, and punctuation.

7. Rewrite your essay into a final draft.

If you practice this with various topics, you will amaze yourself by how fast you can write a 5-6 paragraph essay. It used to take me hours to write a 5-6 paragraph essay when I first started out, and now I can write an 8-10 page paper in 2 hours or less. My essay grades are excellent as well.

Source(s): My brain: I am a writing instructor and English minor.

Turkey Pot Pie · 9 years ago

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