Ftce English 6-12 Essay Practices

FTCE English 6-12 Practice Test

English may seem like an easy subject – after all, most of us read, write and speak it expertly. However, teaching English is a lot more than teaching proper grammar. It encompasses various reading materials, essays, presentations and so much more. In order to teach English to Florida students, you must prove your proficiency in the language by passing the FTCE English 6–12 test.

The FTCE English 6–12 exam is different from other FTCE tests in that it is split into two sections. One section consists of 80 multiple-choice questions, while the other requires you to write an essay. You are given one hour and 30 minutes to answer the questions, and another hour to write the essay.

In order to pass, you must score at least 200 on the multiple-choice portion and get at least eight out of 12 points on the essay. The fee for the full battery of tests is $200.

The multiple-choice portion will assess your knowledge of five key competencies: use of English language, effective writing skills, literacy processes across genres, knowledge of fiction, nonfiction and informational texts, and critical responses to media. The skills you will need to know in order to pass include proficiency with English grammar, academic language, parts of speech, instructional strategies, forms of writing, the writing process, assessment and feedback, text structure, literacy processes, rhetoric, authors from various time periods, and use of various technologies to aid in speaking, listening and presenting.

In the written performance section, you will be asked to write an essay, which will be graded based on your ability to analyze text and critically respond to it. You must be able to organize your ideas, including supporting details and use appropriate style all in postsecondary English to respond to a thesis statement.

To adequately prepare for this challenging exam, consider using the FTCE English 6–12 practice test. This free practice test – created by the Mometrix Test Prep Team – can help you hone your knowledge of the various subareas of English while creating effective study habits. Try it today and see for yourself.

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by Enoch Morrison

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Last Updated: 02/20/2018

Hello, I wanted to let you all know that I was very nervous about taking the SAE English 6-12 in Florida this past April, but was comforted by reading through various online discussion threads. I passed -- yay! -- on my first attempt and would like to share a few pointers for anyone who may be facing this intense two-hour process.

1. It was well worth the $5 to purchase this practice exam:


Many questions were of identical composition, using different examples.

2. Review Literary terms and literary devices:



3. Know the difference between words that are coined, blended and borrowed.

4. Memorize poetry terms, as in metrics and the different styles (sonnet, ode, villanelle, etc.)

5. Review teaching approaches: holistic, vinn diagrams, etc. and then go with common sense that benefits the student.

6. Review the method for teaching writing in Florida, which goes something like:

write 1st draft, receive feedback, rewrite, publish. (yeah, if it were only that easy!)

7. If you get the question about what banned book is referred to in "The Day They Arrested the Book," the answer is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

8. Recognize that "There is more girl than boy in this room" is a grammatical error, not a spelling error.

9. Know the difference between "there," "their," "they're"; "its," "it's"; "whose," "who's". There is a whole section of sentences that you need to find the correct or incorrect sentence. Verb subject agreements are among them, as well.

10. You're given the choice (at least I was) between a story and a poem. Write an FCAT essay, with an introduction including a thesis statement, three paragraphs referencing the thesis statement, and a conclusion. The essay requires quotations from the story or the poem, so know how to quote.

Well, that's about all I remember. I really didn't think I passed because about 40% of the test is on teaching approaches and in many instances I just guessed. My respect for teachers has been considerably elevated going through this process. I hope I have been of some assistance.

Best of luck!
Ms. Lisa


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