Prevention Is Better Than Cure Health Essay Examples


   Prevention is always better than cure. If we know that something with the passage of time might become dangerous, then it is better to take a precautionary step to combat the danger.

   In fact, “Prevention is better than cure” is one of the most common and popular proverbs. Prevention means to avoid and cure means to correct anything that is troublesome or detrimental. Many of us do not stick to the power of prevention until trouble knocks. Troubles or problems can be averted or made mild by prevention. But foolish beliefs sometimes rule the minds of right-thinking people and compel them to follow an unwise advice. Lubricating a ceiling fan is easier and cheaper than rewinding a burnt fan. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is healthier, cheaper and happier than curing any critical illness. Maintaining balance in society is better than spending huge amount on military and police departments to check evil activities in the society.

   If you are a student, then you should study every day. But generally all the confusion arises when you study only during exam. When you ignore your study in the early stages, then you end up working hard during your examinations and risk your success. There is no need to gamble on your success if you do your studies appropriately on time. Similarly, you should immediately go to a doctor and start your treatment, if there are certain visible symptoms of a disease, before getting diagnosed with that disease. There have been many cancer cases where the patients did not take their health seriously and later on with further deterioration of their health, they came to know that they were suffering from cancer and which was in the second or third stage. Had they been to the doctor earlier and got their disease diagnosed, then they could have been easily cured in the first stage. Even in the case of other diseases, early detection helps in taking better preventive measures. Thinking that the disease will get automatically cured or avoiding doctor may result in aggravation of the problem and raise expenses or even endanger your life. We can take precautionary measures by choosing healthy diet and making it a point to exercise regularly. Regular exercise and good nutritious food will make us less prone to diseases, and will also result in our healthy heart, mind and body.

   Preventive measures taken in work areas also lessen the intensity of suffering. For example, if you focus on the market you can save yourself from financial catastrophe by perceiving the future losses. Preventive measures also help in controlling population. Wise men always use this formula for success. They never wait for the deadline to approach to start their work. Instead, they finish their work before deadline. This gives them time to solve any unseen problem that might occur during the process of their work.

   No man is perfect and we all commit mistakes. But with the help of prevention, one can avoid many disasters, complexities, confusion and destruction. We can check ourselves from doing something by thinking about the outcome (that can happen because of our negligence) first and then take appropriate action. Every action should be measured carefully because solving the problem will be more time-consuming and more painful compared to taking precaution.

"Prevention is better than cure."Out of our country's health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spend on health education and preventative measures. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Being healthy is critical for all human’s wellbeing. Some people advocate devoting more of a nation’s health budget to prevention while others think that it is well spent on treatment and research into curing diseases. In my opinion there are limitations to what prevention can achieve to keep people healthy and i would therefore argue that treatment should not be neglected.

To begin, humans do not always act rational, even if they are well informed and educated about the consequences of their actions. Maybe they can not find the time to exercise even if they know it would be beneficial for their health. Another example is people continue to smoke despite being aware of the adverse effect on their health.
Another point is that not every illness can be prevented. People get hurt in accidents or infected by others. There are also diseases that are inherited in some families. In these cases prevention is irrelevant or can only help with early diagnostics.

Lastly, in the last two centuries major advancements in medical research were made. Cures were developed for the majority of severe diseases. If the budget for treatment and medical research was cut back to allow for more prevention, we can not keep the same pace of progress.

All things considered, health is too important to neglect any measure to stay and become healthy. We can only overcome diseases with a bundle of measures: prevention, testing, immunization, treatment and research. Prevention is a useful weapon in this battle but not the only one.

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