Higher English Reflective Essay Square

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1) Personal reflective essay on mountaineering and overcoming a fear of heights. 1000 words.
2) Creative essay about a conflict between two sisters. 1000 words.
3) Discursive essay about Formula 1 racing safety. Fully referenced. 1000 words.
4) Creative essay (1300 words), which explores the ethics of drug use as part of a short story.
5) Creative essay re. reflections on the banking crisis. 1100 words.
6) Personal reflective essay about gymnastics. 1300 words.
7) Discursive Essay Rehabilitation vs Retribution. 900 words
8) Discursive Essay: women serving on the front lines. 1300 words.
9) Creative essay (1300 words) inspired by 'The Great Gatsby'.
10) Creative essay. Short story called 'SPQR' set in ancient Rome. 1000 words.
11) Discursive essay: academic pressures on students. 1200 words.
12) Discursive essay on the subject of the pros and cons of participation in extreme sports and whether they should be made illegal. 1000 words. Full references are included.
13) Personal reflective essay: peer pressure and consumerism at Christmas. 850 words.
14) Personal reflective essay: the impact of divorce. 1300 words.
15) Personal reflective essay: the film 'Mississippi Burning'. 1000 words.
16) Persuasive essay: swearing. 1000 words.
17) Persuasive essay: bullying. 1000 words.
18) Persuasive essay: making Music studies a compulsory subject in schools. 1300 words.
19) Persuasive essay: Moon landing conspiracy theories. 1300 words.
20) Persuasive essay (1000 words) on the topic of food waste.
21) Persuasive essay on head coverings worn in public (1300 words).
22) Persuasive essay which argues against undertaking cosmetic surgery. Approx. 1000 words.
23) Persuasive essay arguing against animal testing. 1000 words.
24) Persuasive essay on comparing the merits of fiction with journalism. 1300 words.
25) Discursive essay: LGBTQ issues. 1000 words.
26) Reflective essay on depression and grief. 1000 words.
27) Reflective essay on growing up in Mauritius. 950 words.
28) Reflective essay: ambitions. 950 words.
29) Discursive wild animals as pets. 1000 words.
30) Reflective essay: sibling rivalry. 1400 words.
31) Reflective essay: alcohol. 1100 words.
32) Persuasive essay: banning zoos. 1000 words.
33) Discursive essay: genetic engineering. 1200 words.
34) Discursive: Welfare State / Benefits. 1000 words.
35) Discursive: Population Control and One Child Policy. 1000 words.

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