Fire Captain Cover Letter Samples

Fire Chiefs are firefighters who head fire departments. They conduct a number many duties that can be administrative or technical in nature. Fire Chiefs supervise and manage their firefighting team by preparing, coordinating and implementing fire prevention operations, as well as emergency medical services to prevent or minimize the loss of life and property. Their administrative duties involve preparation of annual budgets for fire and inspections and review specifications for new or replaced equipment. Fire Chiefs also supervise the inspection of properties to check for fire hazards and to implement fire prevention regulations.

Use the following sample Fire Chief cover letter as a guide for crafting your own.

Dear Mr. McBride,

Upon discovering that you were currently hiring a Fire Chief, I hastened to submit my resume for your review. As a firefighter with 13 years of experience, as well as a station captain, I have a firm grasp on both the technical and administrative tasks involved in managing a fire department.

My skill in managing teams and programs, maintaining equipment and vehicles and attention to detail have made a huge contribution towards my success in this field. I have much experience when it comes to handling emergency situations. I can remain calm, quickly analyze the situation and implement a plan, manpower and resources to suit the immediate needs. I am passionate about improving the knowledge of emergency and fire safety procedures and practices to protect our communities, and have, as a result, visited many schools to give informative talks.

I have outlined some of my achievements in my career below:

  • Received Career Officer of the Year award for two consecutive years
  • Raised $50, 000 in funds for treatment of injured firefighters to return to work quickly and safely
  • Introduced the use of iPads that give access to real-time information about the structures they approach and any potentially hazardous material.

I am confident that I am the ideal candidate for this position. I have attached my resume which contains more information regarding my qualifications and experience. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email should you require further clarification on anything. I will follow up with you next week. Thank you for your consideration.

Ewan Herald

Fire Chief Cover Letter

Whenever you are applying for the job of a firefighter, it is very essential that you submit a cover letter for supporting your resume. Never exclude the cover letter, because only that will give you an opportunity for selling yourself to the employer. Do not make the cover letter too wordy, it should be long enough, the employer should be able to glance at it and to decide if you are right for the job or not.

Here are some points that you must consider while drafting your cover letter:

  • Your only ticket to success is an effective cover letter and hence you must never take it lightly. A cover letter is the only sure way to make a good first impression. If you write it poorly, then it will send your resume for an express journey in the trash. Spend some time to write it properly and that effort may get you an interview
  • Now, you will be selling the most important product, YOU. Cover letters are like your very own personal headlines. These letters are the attention getters and they will entice the readers to know more about you. A properly written cover letter will help you stand-out from the crowd, and will get you an interview
  • Always remember that you are selling and marketing yourself to the recipient of your resume. How well you can sell yourself in the first five seconds will decide if your resume gets tossed or selected. Your only job is to find out what the employer is exactly looking for, and make sure that you have got it

Here is an example fire chief cover letter that will guide you further.

Sample Fire Chief Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Max Allen
273 Court Lane
Brooklyn, NY93847
Mobile: 938-132-3831
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Anthony Simmons
New York Fire Department
New York, NY92837

Date: June 19, 2011

Dear Mr. Simmons,

I am writing this application for the position of Fire Chief that was advertised on your company website. I have an experience as a station captain with detailed training, various certifications and a strong understanding with the requirements and functions of this post. I have more than 11 years of experience in the firefighting field; the past five years have been on a more senior position. Now, I would be really interested in bringing my knowledge and expertise to your organization.

My skills of working as a team player, managing programs effectively and going that extra mile with attention to detail, have made a huge contribution in my field of firefighting. I have directed many community and safety programs, managed all the activities of maintenance for the vehicles, station house and its equipments and gave training to every member present in the station. Some of my past experience includes taking care of renovation projects, leading daily and emergency operations, and carrying out some of the strategic planning for future and current issues.

I have also been the recipient for two consecutive years as the Career Officer of the Year. I am good at analyzing all the existing firefighting and safety programs for developing effective improvements. Also, I am well familiar with the financial and organizational aspects of the management department as well. Moreover, I have experience in leading premier surveys, managing community relations, inspections and formulating procedures and policies.

I am very good at planning and organizing things. My friendly and outgoing nature will allow me to interact with all the other staff members at any level and I pride myself for bringing the right measure of enthusiasm in every equation.

I have attached my resume along with this letter and looking forward to meeting you in person at your time and convenience. I will call you next week for a follow-up and possibility of meeting. You can reach me at 938-132-3831 or e-mail me at

Max Allen
Your Signature

This is how you can write your own fire chief cover letter.

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